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Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennel



Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger  belongs to my son Jeremy. Ranger is out of (FRANKLIN"S THUNDER & FRANKLIN"S JUKEBOX JULIE). RANGER started treeing his own  squirrrel at 10 months old,  RANGER is an outstanding squirrel & coon dog. He hunts super hard , a really hard tree dog, and handles the best, RANGER also has a outstanding mouth. when he barks he is treed and is very accurate. RANGER also produces a lot of blue pups. RANGER is just like all our other Thunder dogs they want to please you, And will carry on the THUNDER tradition.

      webranger.jpg          webranger22.jpg


2006 National Cur & Feist Reserve World Squirrel Champion

 2007 NKC Ohio State Squirrel Champion

 WTDA  Squirrel Champion

 WTDA Grand Bench Champion

 NKC Squirrel Champion











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