Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennel

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  Thunder, is a O.M.C.B.A. &  W.T.D.A. Hall of Frame dog.Thunder is  from one of the greatest crosses ever.  Both his parents-Streak, Jr. and Georgetta are O.M.C.B.A. Hall of Fame dogs.  Streak Jr.'s parents-Smith's Streak and Bear Creek Dottie are O.M.C.B.A. Hall of Fame dogs also.  This is the first time this has ever happened.
  Thunder is the foundation of all my dogs.  He was a top squirrel and coon dog . Thunder may go down as one of the greatest reproducers. .  Thunder was and will always be part of our family . He's accomplishments speak for themselves.  As long as we have Mountain Curs Thunder will always be in thier blood. He was the GREATEST.

Franklin's Thunder Pedigree

Brad Franklin & Thunder

Sons Of Thunder

Left to right Adam Louden-Apache, Allen & Taylor-Thunder Sport, Charles Yoho-Free Willy, Jay Overholt-Buzzard, Jeremy-Thunders Blue Rattler, Tony Wells-Tugger 

Allen,Taylor and Thunder
with a few of Thunders Accomplishments

    Smiths Streak
  Smith's Streak JR  
  Bear Creek Dottie
Franklin's Thunder  
  Roy's Bounce
    Tiger Annie

O.M.C.B.A Hall of Fame Dog
W.T.D.A. Hall of Fame Dog
Mountain Cur Dog of the Year
Super Gr.Sq. Ch. - Bench Ch.- Nite Ch.
World Squirrel Champion
W.T.D.A. & NKC Reserve World Squirrel Champion
5x State Champion Ohio, West Virginia, New York & Pennsylvania