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ThunderSport's King Bud

ThunderSport's King Bud

 King Bud has become one of the best all around squirrel and Coon dogs.  He is a hard going, get treed, stay put tree dog.  King Bud is very accurate Squirrel & Coon dog , when he trees he has the meat. Handles like a dream, he retrives the squirrel to you after you shoot them out, and you never need a leash on him.  He also has an outstanding mouth. He uses his eyes, ears, noise & his brain.He is also reproducing some out standing squirrel & Coon dogs. We still continue to win in the hunts with him . this will proabably be the last year we hunt him in any hunts ( 2013 ).




World Squirrel Champion
ThunderSports King Bud


World Night Champion


Sport & Bud

ThunderSport's King Bud

WTDA 2013 World Night Champion

WTDA 2013 High Scoring Cur & King Cur

WTDA 2012 World Reserve Night Champion

WTDA 2011 World Reserve Youth Nite Champion

WTDA 2011 WV Reserve State Squirrel Champion

WTDA 2011 WV Reserve State Night Champion

WTDA 2011 WV State Combination Dog


WTDA 2008 WORLD Combination Champion

WTDA 2008 World Night Champion Mt Cur

NKC 2008 5th place World Squirrel Hunt

WTDA 2010 Reserve World Youth Sq Champion

WTDA 2010  World Night Hunt 3rd

WTDA  2010 Youth World Mt Cur Bench Champion

WTDA Squirrel Champion

WTDA Night Champion

WTDA Tree Champion

WTDA Bench Champion

NKC first place win

OMCBA Jr hunt 3rd place

 NKC Ohio State Reserve Squirrel Champion



Thunder Sport's King Bud is out of Thunder Sport X Wind Storm

Wind Storm is out of Streak's Mt Jackson X Fletcher's Windy


We have breed KING BUD to Donavan Baker's Jill female almost all of the pups in the litter were treeing before they were a year old. Now are outstanding dogs .


We breed King Bud to ThunderSports Jenny and those pups are treeing at 5 or 6 months old.


Probably one of our best cross is Bud to Our ThunderSports Brandi female. they start early and are finishing out into some awesome squirrel and coon dogs