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Thunder Sport

 Thundersport Passed away on October 14 2016 Man What a Great dog he was . Thunder Sport is the kind of dog you dream of.  You just take him hunting and he gets the job done.  Sport treed his first squirrel at 5 months old.  Sport hunts hard, is a super good, stay-put tree dog.  He uses his eyes, ears, and nose.  He has carried the tradition of Franklin's Thunder on, in the competition world and in the reproducing world far beyond our expectations. ThunderSport may be one of the greatest reproducing Mountain curs of all time. He is for sure the best all around dog I have ever owned.

We have many curs winning in the compitition world,and many more out there in the pleasure world.





Tanner Franklin
Winning the WTDA 2004 World Youth sq Hunt


    Smith's Streak JR
  Franklin's Thunder  
Thunders Sport  
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  Northland NeeNee  

Franklin's Thunder Sport

ThunderSport is 13 years old now and we are no longer breeding him to any outside females.
Thanks to everyone who has bred to him or who has a dog out of him and has helped me promote ThunderSport dogs


Looking Good at 13 years old

Franklin's ThunderSport


Franklin's Thunder Sport

Allen & Jeremy
Winning the NCFBA 2004 World Night Championship

Winning the WTDA 2004 World Night Championship


Allen ,Tanner, and Carl Smith
Tanner winning at Jamestown

Franklin's Thunder Sport

Allen & Taylor
Winning WTDA OhioState Sq Championship