Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennel

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Our Females

Here at Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennels we breed  the best to the best. That way we can keep the legacy of the Great Mountain Cur's for our kids and thier kids .                       

Thunder's Lady 3x WTDA World Champion
Thunder's Lady  is a full sister to ThunderSport . Lady handles the best and is a top of the line sq and Coon dog. lady is one of my best reproducing females.


Taylor has won everything put on Lady.
  • 2005 WTDA World Tree Champion
  • 2006 WTDA World Tree Champion
  • 2006 WTDA World Combination Dog
  • WTDA Squirrel Champion
  • WTDA Tree Champion
  • WTDA Night Champion

Franklin's Candy Jewell

Candy Jewell has been a great sucsses to our kennel but in saddness Jewell past away Dec 2014 she has promoted the Cur dog world as much as any female that I know 

We add Jewell to our kennel in 2006, THANKS to DON BAKER. Jewell is out of Bakers Jill X Hunts Mt Blackie which makes her double breed Toots Dale.She has made NKC and WTDA Squirrel Champion, Bench champion , and Tree Champion. She hunts on the Dead Run and is a Machine gun tree dog. She is a top pleasure and compitition dog. Jewell is one of the top reproducing females in the country. Her pups are   treeing sq at the age 4 months, by 8 months killing sq everyday with them .

2008 Hamilton's Abby  OMCBA JR World Squirrel Champion 2009 Hamiltons Abby OMCBA World Squirrel Champion.   2010 ThunderSport's Cain OMCBA World Squirrel Champion


Alias Maggie Mae is out of Jukebox Tuff-E-Nuff & Garner's Jukebox Babe . Maggie is a super nice top notch female.
My Grandson's Axton Miley& Coleman Franklin  owns her ,
Axton hunted her in WTDA World YOUTH Squirrel hunt
Maggie's winnings
2016 WTDA OhioState Night Champion
She was bred to THUNDERSPORTS BLACKJACK 2 times with great resaults.
Taylors Shadow is the 2014 OMCBA Jr World Squirrel Champion,2015 OMCBA World Squirrel Champion. 
her littermate
Garners Bossman was 2015 Reserve OMCBA World Squirrel Champion
We will be breeding her to ThunderSports Cain


Garner's Little Babe
( Babe is out of Garner's Jukebox Keno X Garner's Queen Bee ) Both of these are out of Garner's Jukebox Babe.
Babe is avery nice squirrel dog and starting to make a coon dog just needs hunted hard a super great dog around the kids and house


ThunderSports Cotton Candy
2014 WTDA WORLD YOUTH NIGHT CHAMPION, handled by Robby Wells 
Candy is out of ThunderSport & Franklin's Candy Jewell.Candy is a hard hunting , hard treeing dog that handles the best.
We got some really good pups out of ThunderSports King Bud & Thundersports Blaze.

ThunderSports Candy Crush
Candy is out of ThunderSport ans Candy Jewell
Candy is a super nice tree dog hunts hard and is a stand on the tree tree dog.


ThunderSports Brandi, Brandi is out of Franklin's ThunderSport and Abneys Brindle Boots, Brandi is a super nice female that we mostly just coon hunt her, Brandi is a super hard tree dog medium hunter, we are getting some really nice pups out of her and ThunderSports King Bud.
DuckCreek Razor owned by ERIC WHEELER is out of her he is one of the nices young dogs ive ever hunted with



WTDA Grand World Bench Champion
WTDA World Bench Champion
OMCBA World Bench Champion
2015 WTDA Reserve OHIOSTATE Night Champion
2013 WTDA World Youth Squirrel Champion
2016 WTDA Grand National Squirrel Champion
2016 WTDA World Squirrel Hunt 5th place


Bakers Buckeye Sally is out of Bobtail Kenntucy Fred & Bobtail Beauty.
Sally This is one very independent go get treed , stay put tree dog . we have her breed to Franklins ThunderSport due 1/8/15Sally is out of Bobtail Fred X Bobtail Beauty Toots Dale &Toots Candy top and bottom

Smokey Mt Jackson Carla
2013 9th place WTDA Youth World Squirrel Hunt
 Carla is a Direct daughter of  Mt Jackson. Carla is a full litermate  to Mike Hamiltons& Carl Smith's  Mick dog. She started treeing her own sq at 9 months, she is a outstanding treedog and a very hard hunter.
She is a very good reproducer