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ThunderSports Cain


ThunderSports Cain
2010 OMCBA
World Squirrel Champion

ThunderSports Cain is Following in the same footsteps as his father ( ThunderSport ) and Grandfather ( Franklins Thunder ) by winning in the Competition World, but most of all reproducing some great squirrel dogs.

THANKS BOBBY for letting me own Cain.We have been breeding Cain to some outstanding females and getting some good results.Go to Cains Puppy page and check out a few of them


Cain is hard hunting , Cain will tree every sq around you but if he needs to he will get deep. He winds sq as well as any dog I have ever owned. Cain is a stand on the tree tree dog. We believe Cain will do alot for our kennels.

 2010 OMCBA World Squirrel Champion.
World Tree Dog ,World Squirrel hunt he finished in the final cast
WTDA Squirrel Champion
WTDA Night Champion
OMCBA Squirrel Champion
2013 OMCBA La State Reserve Night Champion
2013 OMCBA Ky State Reserve Night champion
2014 OMCBA Reserve Ohio State Night Champion
2014 OMCBA Ohio State Squirrel Champion
2014 WTDA Ohio State Squirrel Champion
2015 CHKC Money Winner finished 12th in the State of Ohio
2015 NSD Coon Money Winner

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