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Friends and hunts

Charlie is and was Thunder's number one fan , Charlie and myself put a lot of miles on our Thunder dogs , and i would give anything to make one more drop with him.


This page is for all the places we travel and all the great friends we have made.Thru our Mountain Curs

Randy and Kam Hesson with Blue Ghost ,
 Myself and ThunderSports Cain Terry
Miller and Millers Lighting.We were at
 a pound squirrel hunt in Cumberland Ohio
and we got first place




Ronnie Dale,Mike Cole, Woody Long , Tommy Molone Garrick Schaad
Below is a hunt while at Woodys cabin


Gary Walker of Tenn came up to
 Ohio for a coon hunt first night
of coon season2012


This Bruce Fiester and Mooses
Skeeter of Midvale Ohio , and
myself with Franklin's Thunder,
 With our catch in 2002


This is Craig Williams a his Hank dog ,
 Randy Hesson , Randy Garner , Charles
 Yoho,and myself, Then we have Craig and
Randys dog Lewey, ThunderSports
King Bud and Coles SUGAR


Jacob Miller with Millers Lighting and
 Myself with Thundersports King Bud ,
ThunderSports Cotton Candy,
and Thundersports Yellow Lady


We had a super great time in Ark.
 with Leslie Gill , Pictured is Tanner
Franklin , Leslies friend, Mike Cole
, myself and Leslie Gill . The dogs
were mike's Sunshine female my
KingBud dog and Leslies Great
 female Jackson.


This Hunt was one cold day but
we ended up doing ok and had a
great time,Jeremy Franklin, Randy
Hesson, myself, Mike Cole and
Jeff Brooks of WVThunders Blue
 Ghost,Thundersports Yellow Lady,
 Mike Coles OutLaw and Jeffs
Huskleberry dog


This is Jeremy Franklin,Randy Hesson ,
 Jacob and Terry Miller, the dogs are
ThunderSports Yellow Lady, Thunders
 Blue Ghost, and Ladybug


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