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Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennel

   Welcome to the Franklin's Mountain Cur website. 


   Here at Sarahsville, Ohio our aim is to continually improve our Original Mountain Curs.  We started out breeding with Thunder and females from the Tug-A-Jug ,Smith's Streak and Jukebox  line.   All three got some outstanding dogs , but Females from the Jukebox line crossed really well with Thunder.  This is where Franklin's ThunderSport, and Thunder's Lone Ranger came from. There is many more Great dogs out of all the many crosses we made out of Thunder
   We want our dogs to hunt fast and hard (not crazy), be outstanding tree dogs, using their eyes, ears, nose by winding sq that has never been on the ground.  They must be a family dog, a dog that wants to please you.  Basically, they are an all around dog.

  Franklin’s Original Mountain Cur Kennel will always be headed up by Franklin's Thunder breed Original Mountain Cur., They are all following in Thunders foot steps.

   ThunderSport has carried on the tradition of reproducing tree dogs. We we have gotten many World Champion Squirrel and Coon dogs out of ThunderSport.  ThunderSport is everything I was looking for in a Mountain Cur!

   Results are what counts and ThunderSport has won in the competition world everywhere.
   We invite you to look at our website to see our accomplishments, then stop by Sarahsville for a hunt or just to talk dogs. 
   If we are able to help in anyway, or if you have any questions email us, give us a call or stop by


ThunderSport is not our only Stud dog any longer he is getting old and we only breed him to our own females or special females.  We now have WTDA World Squirrel Champion,WTDA World Night Champion 2X Reserve World Night Champion Thundersports King Bud . We also have OMCBA World Squirrel Champion, OMCBA Reserve La. State Night Champion , OMCBA Ky State Reserve Night Champion Thundersports Cain, and Ohio State Squirrel Champion , WTDA World Tree Champion ,ThunderSports Blaze. These dogs will continue to carry on the same Tradition here at Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennels as Franklin's Thunder and Franklin's ThunderSport.Hopefully for along time


This is Franklin's ThunderSport , ThunderSports Cain and ThunderSports King Bud

WTDA. Super Grand Squirrel Champion 
WTDA. Super Grand Bench Champion
WTDA. Night Champion
OMCBA. Grand Squirrel Champion
NKC Squirrel Champion
NKC Night Champion
Buckhannon ,WV.
2007 WTDA Res World Night Champion
2007 WTDA World Night Champion King Cur
2007 WTDA World Bench Champion
2007 WTDA World Combination Champion
Jamestown Tn.
2006 OMCBA Fall Hunt Squirrel Champion
2006 Maryland State Combination  Dog
Jamestown TN.
2005 O.M.C.B.A Sping Classic Champion
Hedgesville WV
2005 W.T.D.A. West Virginia State Champion

Elnora IN

2004 N.C.F.B.A. World Champion Coon Dog

Buckhannon WV.

2004 W.T.D.A. World Champion Coon Dog

Pleasant City OH.

2004 W.T.D.A. World Youth Squirrel Champion

Jamestown TN.

O.M.C.B.A. World Reserve Squirrel Champion

Pleasant City OH.

2004 W.T.D.A. World Reserve Youth Night Champion

Roanoke WV.

2004 National Hunting and Fishing Days Bench Champion

Elnora IN

2004 N.C.F.B.A. World Championship Squirrel Hunt

103 dogs entered, 9th place overall

1st place win, high scoring registered dog
2004 WTDA World Youth Night Champion
Pleasant City,Oh
2003 WTDA World Youth Squirrel Champion
Pleasant City,Oh


Thanks for taking a look at our photos. Please be sure to get in touch with any comments!
Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennels
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Jeremy, Rachael & Katie

48224  Seneca Lake Rd

Sarahsville, Ohio 43779

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